Table Monkey

Gaming is more fun when Table Monkey is there!

Table Monkey comes complete with:1

  • Online Set-up and Tracking Tools
  • Game Reference Manuals and Guides
  • Videos to Enhance your Gameplay

1. Barrels sold separately.

Table Monkey is still in training, so keep checking to see what more he can do for you!

Legendary™ Wheel of Fate!

We built a feature-rich Game Set-up tool for Uppder Deck's Legendary™: A Marvel Deck Building Game. One of it's main function is to help randomize the set-up, but it's feature go far beyond a mere randomizer!

Key Features:
  • Quick Set-up Option - Just select # of plays an Assemble your Team!
  • Ability to choose which Expansions to include
  • Randomization Choices by Slot - Choose a specific Hero, Villain, Henchmen, Mastermind, Team, or even Gender!
  • Exclude specific Heroes, Villains, Villain Groups, Mastermind, and Schemes
  • And more!
Spin the Wheel of Fate! >>

Tanto Cure Randomizer

We've just added a new feature - a randomizer for the Tanto Cure Maid Themed Deck Building Game. The randomizer will help you quickly set-up the Town, and allow you to adjust settings so you can play the game the way you want!

Randmizer >>

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Tracker

We are proud to introduce our latest gaming aid for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. This gaming aid will help you track your characters and save them between sessions, and give you a concise display to view during play!

It's still in Beta, so please report any issues!

Tracker >>